Smartphone accessories to always take with you – Guide, reviews & tests of the best HighTech products!

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Mobile phone manufacturers innovate every year with devices equipped with state-of-the-art features. However, to better take advantage of these many functions, it is necessary to have certain equipment. Discover here the top smartphone accessories to always take with you.

The power bank

One of the problems that phone users dread the most is ending up with a dead device. So, to avoid ending up with an out-of-order laptop, it is recommended to always carry a power bank with you. This accessory is a better alternative to the classic charger since you can take it everywhere with you. It has an autonomy that allows you to recharge several mobiles at the same time. Several models of power bank are available on the market.

They are distinguished in particular by their capacities which can vary from 2000 mA h to 10,000 mA h. But before you take your power bank, make sure to fully charge it.

A protective film for the screen

The main defect of the latest generation phones is their limited resistance to shocks, especially at the screen level. Even with all possible precautions, there is a good chance that your smartphone will fall or that in your backpack, your keys will scratch its screen. So, to protect it from these little everyday incidents, it is advisable to always put on a shockproof protective film for the screen. This accessory is made of tempered glass and is covered with an adhesive material on its inner surface. So you can easily attach it without damaging your screen.

The main advantage of this tool is that it continues to protect your mobile even when it is damaged. However, it is recommended to change it as soon as a crack appears to optimize its effectiveness.

car phone holder

One of the main safety instructions to follow while driving your car is not to take phone calls. It is also not recommended to do any activity that requires the use of your hands or that distracts your vision from the road.

Some manufacturers have thought of a tool that will allow you to use your laptop and drive safely. This is the vehicle phone holder, an instrument equipped with a suction cup that you can attach to the dashboard. As a result, even while holding the steering wheel, you can clearly see the information displayed on your smartphone screen. In addition, you do not have to worry about your mobile falling, since the device is equipped with a cavity with two stretchable terminals in which you can insert it.

wireless headphones

When leaving your house, you should also make sure that you have taken your wireless or Bluetooth headphones. A real revolution in the field of connected accessories, they allow you to listen to music or receive your calls without holding your phone in your hand. Moreover, the connectivity distance can go up to 10 or 15 m depending on the capacity of the model you have.

Some brands offer devices that can reduce the noise around you and that you can control with the flick of a finger. In addition, they are supplied with charging boxes which considerably increase their level of autonomy.

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