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Enjoying a low price for the Apple Watch Series 7 is, to say the least, quite desirable. Everyone seems to want the latest Apple Watch, and we can see why. It’s the best Apple Watch yet (even if it’s not the massive leap over the Apple Watch 6 that many were expecting). But, to quote the Stones, you can’t always have what you want. Due to low Apple Watch Series 7 inventory, supply had to scramble to keep up with demand, resulting in Apple Watch Series 7 prices surging, or simply sold out badges instead of prizes.

Unfortunately, 2022 is shaping up to be just as bleak – for both the 41mm and 45mm models of the Apple Watch Series 7, as the stock that goes on sale is quickly snapped up. So what does a good price for the Apple Watch Series 7 look like today? For starters, the Apple Watch 7 is still being sold on Apple’s site at its September 2022 release price of $399, and in our opinion, that’s a fair price for what you’re getting. We’ve got our hands on almost every Apple Watch to date, and we think the latest is the best, without a doubt.

As an example, during Black Friday last year, we saw the price of the Apple Watch Series 7 drop by around $50 (which only lasted a few minutes before stock ran out). exhausted). Right now, the best Apple Watch Series 7 prices you’ll be able to see are actually renewed models on Amazon. These models are guaranteed, but not brand new, so be aware of that if you go to the smiling retailer. Will there be better deals for the Apple Watch Series 7 soon? We’re hoping the upcoming Memorial Day 2022 will bring some welcome discounts, but in the meantime, scroll down for the best Apple Watch Series 7 prices right now.

Below the deals, we go into the details of the Apple Watch Series 7 – from price to screen and features. It’s safe to say we love the Apple Watch Series 7, but if you’re looking to save even more cash, check out our guide to the best Apple Watch SE deals and the best prices for the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple Watch Series 3.

The best Apple Watch Series 7 prices today

Apple Watch Series 7

The best Apple Watch is available today.

Apple Watch Series 7 Features

  • Size: 41mm & 45mm
  • Chip: S7 dual-core processor
  • Always On Screen: Yes
  • ECG and blood oxygen: Yes

Advantages of the Apple Watch Series 7

  • Thinnest edges, sleekest design
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Super fast charging
  • Comparable to 6 (but more expensive)
  • Full day autonomy

We’re unlikely to see many massive deals on the Apple Watch Series 7 for quite some time, as it’s still relatively new. Plus, it’s the best Apple Watch so far, and it’s still in massive demand. That means you’ll likely have to pay the retail price, which starts at $399 for the 41mm GPS model and $429 for the 45mm GPS version of the Apple Watch Series 7. The cellular versions (which offer access to data with supported carriers) start at $499 (41mm) and $529 (45mm).

These prices correspond to models with an aluminum case and a sport loop, solo loop or sport bracelet. You’ll pay more if you want a braided sport band or a leather link band, and the most expensive standard model is the silver case with a buckle strap. There are also special editions of the Apple Watch 7, including the Nike Edition and the Hermes Edition, which are much more expensive (we don’t include them in the deals widget above).

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We saw some small discounts on Black Friday and around Christmas 2022. Amazon offered $20 discounts in the usa, and Very also offered £20 in the UK. The best deal so far was in the US and saw $50 off the Series 7 41mm blue model. It didn’t last all morning!

Is the Apple Watch 7 screen any good?

Sure ! Although there was a rumor that the Apple Watch Series 7 would have flat edges, like the iPhone 13, which ultimately did not, it has the thinnest edges of any Apple Watch to date with only 1.7 mm. This feature, along with a larger case, results in a 20% larger screen than the Apple Watch 6 (see the best Apple Watch Series 6 prices here).

Instead of the 40mm and 44mm options that came with the Apple Watch 6, and indeed the 5 and 4 before it, the Apple Watch 7 comes in 41mm and 45mm versions. The other notable improvement to the new display is that, compared to the Apple Watch 6, it’s 70% brighter indoors when in always-on mode, and it’s now large enough to feature a QWERTY keyboard. , with QuickPath tap and swipe technology.

What are the features of the Apple Watch Series 7?

The Apple Watch 7 features Apple’s S7 chip, 32GB storage capacity and promises 18 hours of battery life. This is all in line with Series 6, but the difference is that the Apple Watch 7’s battery charges 30% faster than its predecessor, charging 80% in just 45 minutes.

This new Apple Watch also shares the same sensor as last year’s, so you’ll have to wait for the much-anticipated blood pressure and glucose meter features in the Apple Watch Series 8 (or beyond). However, you can still track your blood oxygen levels, ECG, and heart rate, making this a solid smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts. There’s also a new mindfulness app, bike fall detection and a calories burned calculator, making it overall the best Apple Watch yet.

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When was the Apple Watch Series 7 launched?

The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced on September 14, alongside the iPhone 13, went on pre-order on October 8, and has been available for sale since October 15, 2022. Stocks were rumored to be fairly low. low initially, but we still saw some small reductions during Black Friday 2022 (although they didn’t last long).

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